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Final Italy – Montecatini Terme 16/19 December 2021 World Competition Of Dance Peoplesand And Cultures “A bridge between peoples” (2nd edition)

In the famous Tuscan town, with its thermal baths and civil architectural works as well as religious ones, in the center of the Valdinievole and close to other beautiful Tuscan cities, an important international event will take place. Thousands of people, from all over the world, will give life to the second edition of the
international final of the competition by Aics Danze Culture Internazionali – World Folk Vision.

Dance, Singing, Musicals, Choirs and folk performances will be the soul of the party and the international competition organized by Aics Danze Culture Internazionali and World Folk Vision Italia.

Thousands of dancers, singers, musicians, artists, who will compete for very important prizes and scholarships.

 Also for this year, the main themes of the event will be of an environmental and social nature, such as the ecological sense and social inclusion.

In fact, we are aware that environmental and social issues are absolutely indestructible and that we must strive to harmonize the whole, which is much more than the sum of the simple parts.

Just like movement in dance, sound in song and music. Responsibility for conservation: of beauty, of nature, of humanity.

The event will take place in the historic Teatro Verdi – with the central competition – and in the adjacent Pala Congressi where the master classes, round tables and conferences of the event will take place.

Within the Pala Congressi there is a large space in which to create a market dedicated to companies that want to participate in this international event, broadcast in live streaming worldwide

 Manfrin Ranieri – National Head of Aics Danze Culture International

Referenti Danze e culture Internazionali

Referenti Italia

Amanda Modesti – Cecina, Ida Zotta– Trento, Patrizia Merlin – Verona, Sonia Piccola Ferlini – Rimini, Tommaso Mobilia Perugia, Antonella e Marzia Ascani – San Benedetto del Tronto, Gianluca Grieco – Foggia, Enzo Moncada – Siracusa, Patrizia Porti – Orbetello, Maria Corsini – Carrara, Fiorella Novis – Milano
Riccardo Cacicia – Agrigento Collaboratore Nazionale Danze e Culture Internazionali
Dante Rodi– Grosseto Collaboratore Nazionale Danze e Culture Internazionali – Tango Argentino
Roberto Riccio – Rosignano Collaboratore Nazionale Danze e Culture Internazionali – Strumenti e Cori
Gabriele Gargiulo – Milano Collaboratore Nazionale Danze e Culture Internazionali – Musical

Referenti per la Russia

Daryia Kurpayanidi

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Galina Romanov +39 3202715123 e-mail:

Referente per il Kazakistan
Zhanel Nurmoldina +39 3494998376 e-mail:

Responsabile World Folk Vision per la Lettonia
Alekandra Kolidzeja Analte e-mail:

Referenti per l’Ucraina

Evgeniya Makeeva Responsabile World Folk Vision Ucraina
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Skype: makeeva56 –
Facebook: Evgeniya Makeeva

Nata Glady
Facebook: Nata Glady

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Responsabile World Folk Vision Popolo Lakota
Alessandro Martire
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