2023 Final Regulations

IMPORTANT, For all Groups that need a visa

I need the following data:

Name of the group to send the invitation to
list of participants with first and last name, date of birth, place of birth, occupation, passport number
copy of passports
the registration form filled in with the indication of the hotel category you wish to book

In order to be able to send you an Official Invitation it is necessary to receive the advance payment of a commission which guarantees 10% of the cost of the entire Package for each participant.
The remaining 90% of the entire package must be paid immediately after the visa is issued.
Notice: If visas are not issued, the 10% guarantee fee will not be refunde

Discipline Regulations

Procedures for registering for those who have to stay overnight: First step, download the registration form and send it via email to the Ranieri Viaggi Agency.

Once this is done, after you have booked a hotel with confirmation from the agency, you can register for choreographies via the online platform by clicking above, remember that in order to be accepted, the registration must contain everything that is requested including the bank transfer.

In the platform it will ask you for two transfers, one concerns the package including everything, including the registration and the other possibly the cost of the added choreographies.

After sending the choreographies, the Music must be sent to this email gabryg22@hotmail.it by 25 November 2023

Each music file must be in MP3 and must contain the discipline, category and name of the choreography, this is for small and large groups.

For solos pas de deux also the name of the dancers

For the choreographies of the Fantasy discipline, a video can be used as a scenography, inherent to the theme and the file must include audio and video in MP4

For everything else you will find it in the regulations of the various disciplines

For everything else you will find it in the regulations of the various disciplines

Location Theater Verdi Montecatini Terme

Commissione Tecnica – Technical Commission